Mission Statement

The Association is a non-profit organization.

The Association’s purpose is to promote, coordinate, and encourage various types of initiatives applying scientific research to the world’s cultural heritage. This objective also includes placing works of art or other studied objects in their historical context, using appropriate research methodologies. Research will cover a wide range of fields not limited to the strictly scientific, but also including the social-cultural environment in which a work of art or other studied object is found.

The Association can promote and encourage collaboration with museums, research institutes, and other organizations, whether public or private, including at the international level, to contribute to public understanding of art, culture, and the scientific research methodologies applied under this program.

To achieve its goals, the association will also:

  • Work with interested public and private organizations in any capacity including managing public services;
  • Request and use funds, including for a third party, from the EU, the Italian Government, or regional or local governments, as well as funding and contributions from national and international organizations both public and private;
  • Promote youth education within its field of activity;
  • Organize meetings, conferences, and exhibits
  • Promote protection of the environment.